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Welcome to Hashgraph Chess.

This is an application that allows players to conduct chess matches over the Hedera Consensus Service. Chess moves (and chat messages) are submitted to the consensus service, where they are ordered as an immutable log of events. These events are then translated into the board states and messages that are served to the client via an API call.

In order to use this application, you will need a Testnet account. Later versions of this application will also allow players to use their Mainnet accounts.

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From this panel you can either create a new chess match or join an existing one.

Create A New Match

From this panel, you can create a new chess match. You'll need to know your opponent's Account ID in order to create the match. Other players can join your match as observers, but only you and your opponent will be able to move pieces or send chat messages.

After creating the match, you'll be given a Topic ID. To invite your opponent to the match, give them this ID. They can enter it on the Join Game panel to enter the match.

Join A Match

From this panel, you can join a chess match. You'll need to know the match's Topic ID.

You can still join a match if you aren't one of its players, but doing so will restrict you to observer mode.